Willy Clemetson has been a homeschooler/unschooler for all of his seventeen years. Hailing from Belfast Maine, his interests so far have been in contradance, music, nature skills, and Ultimate Frisbee.

The community of Belfast is rich and diverse with very strong roots in sustainability, music, and farming. Here are a few ways which Willy loves to contribute to it and receive from the people of Belfast:

  • Playing fiddle music at local events in Belfast: farmers markets, festivals.
  • Hosting culturally themed, fundraiser dinners for his adventures.
  • Absorbing the knowledge of the many intelligent, open-minded people who live in Belfast.
More on his Interests

Willy has a strong drive for nature studies. He has been in love with nature for as long as he can remember. In his junior year of homeschooling high school, Willy and a few friends took a year long nature awareness, and wilderness skills course called Kamana. Through Kamana, and a thirst to learn everything he could about the flora and fauna of the East, he gained a firm knowledge in edible wild plants, identification of anything from birds to mushrooms, and the skills to survive in the wilderness of Maine.

One other huge part of Willy’s life is Ultimate Frisbee. He started tossing a disc with his brothers and friends when he was seven. This led slowly to playing with the local pickup group twice a week in town. When Willy was old enough, he started to play Ultimate on a high school team his brother and a few friends started, to compete in tournaments. This team has ended up winning the B division in our state tournament twice, and came in fifth out of sixteen in the co-ed division. Willy also played on the Maine state team: Rising Tide. He played with them at Nationals in Minnesota, competing with a multitude of other states

In addition to dancing, Willy loves to play contradance music. He has been playing fiddle for over ten years. He only got serious about it this year. In the spring he and his fiddle teacher applied for, and received, a four thousand dollar grant for Willy to apprentice with her as a contradance fiddler. He toured around with her band Velocipede, learning the tunes necessary to perform for a variety of different venues: contradances, dinner parties, fairs. He also attended an Irish jam every Thursday in Belfast, and played old time music at a kitchen junket weekly. He still plays fiddle daily.

 Plans for the future

Willy is a great believer in living life to it’s fullest, and always being present in the moment. He’s planning to explore the world and learn as much as he can about it in the process. He especially wants to immerse himself in other cultures, and observe how their communities function in comparison to one another.